Ezra G. Goldstein

Assistant Research Professor at Pennsylvania State University

Analysis of Economic Data

Undergraduate - Summer 2020

Student Evaluations - 4.91/5

Link to full course evaluation for Analysis of Economic Data

Course Description:

The main goal of the course is to provide students with the basic skills needed to succeed as an empirical economist. Throughout the course, we cover the foundations of the most important skills for an economics major in today’s knowledge-based economy: the ability to think using, construct visualizations for, and provide interpretations with economic data. As a result, the course will provide hands-on experience with data alongside the theoretical foundations.

This course provides basic skills in graphing and analyzing economic data. The first two blocks of the course are composed of an extensive coverage of probability and statistics necessary to understand the theory and practice of regression analysis. The third block of the course is devoted entirely to regression analysis. Some of the concepts discussed in the second and third blocks of the course are illustrated with widely-used statistics and econometrics software, allowing the student to apply the concepts discussed in class to economic data.


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